Alien #78 — It Lives to Destroy!

Alien - 78I thought I’d slide in one last post in 2012–this one brings me up to an even fifty for the year. One thing I’d like to do in 2013 is more posts on cards and sets not usually featured on others blogs. So behold: the first post on Topps’ 1979 set based on Alien. The set has 84 cards and 22 stickers. There’s a card for each character (including Jones the cat) but the majority of the set is a synopsis of the plot. Of course, they feature hokey and corny descriptions of film stills like the one on the right. “It Lives to Destroy!”? (C’mon Topps, you could have come up with something that went with the movie’s dark atmosphere a little more than that.) I’m actually surprised Topps decided to make an Alien set. At the time, it was common for them to produce sets based on popular movies–like E.T., Indiana Jones, Star Wars, et al.) but I can’t imagine that much of an overlap in Topps’ and the film’s demographics.


I watched Alien when I was way far, far too young. It was the Saturday matinee on TV-38 when I was only nine or ten and it freaked the hell out of me. I remember eating baked beans after, afraid they were Xenomorph eggs and my stomach would explode soon after. My near-constant fear was soon intensified even further on a family vacation to Universal Studios when–while on that Experience the Movies! ride–I was forced to, well, experience Ripley’s horror escaping the alien, just like the scene in this card. Nightmares followed for weeks.

Still, a pretty awesome movie.

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