I’m back!

ImageCollecting has been non-existant the past four or five months. I moved from Boston to Brooklyn in late-August so any money that would have been spent on cards went into savings for the move. But now that I’m here and settled in and found a new job I’ll finally be able to get back into the swing of things and start posting again on a (semi) regular basis.

Tonight, the Red Sox return to the ALCS for the first time since 2008. Living in New York makes it extra exciting, especially since I teach at a college up in the Bronx and virtually all my students are Yankee fans. With all the postseason success the Red Sox had from 2003-2009 I started taking playoff baseball for granted. But after the nightmarish end to the 2011 season and the mess that was 2012, I’ve promised myself that I never will again.

The Williams card featured is obviously from the 2013 Allen and Ginter set. I really like how they chose to include more retired stars this year, like Williams, Nolan Ryan, and Hank Aaron. I bought a pack at Target while picking up a bunch of things for my new apartment so I’ll definitely start chipping away at this set soon.


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