1980-81 Topps Footballer Super

80 Topps Footballer1I’m actually not even sure of the name of this set, it’s not even listed on Nigel’s Webspace but perhaps a reader will be able to help. Produced in 1980, I’ve seen it listed as “Super” (like the American Football and Hockey releases of the same year), “Spotlights” (which appears on the top of the backs), and the title of the auction on ebay referred to them as “Topps Soccer Football Large”.

There’s 30 cards in the set and they’re oversized, measuring 5″x7″. The fronts are glossy and they feature (then) First Division players though many, such as Osvaldo over here, are dressed in their national team’s jersey, particularly the English players. Though the fronts are identical to the American Football and Hockey’s, the backs are completely different, listing everything from their club to their height, favorite food, and actress.

Here are a few others:

It’s really a shame that Topps never produced a NASL set for release here in the States and Canada. Imagine this design, or the one in the previous post, featuring Pele and Franz Beckenbauer in New York Cosmos jerseys or Johan Cruyff as a Washington Diplomat.


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