Game On!

09-10 Champs Lucic 1Hockey is back! The Bruins return tonight to face the Rangers and Rick Nash at the Garden. I’d say the two of them–and perhaps Philadelphia–are the top teams in the East.

I think I handled the lockout fine after my post a month and a half ago. After it looked like the owners and players were on the verge of a deal back in early December and then it fell apart I honestly thought there wouldn’t be a season at all. So the (personal) surprise that there will be games this winter far outweighs the anger and frustration that the lockout caused me.

It was stupid and selfish for the league and players to put the fans through a fourth work stoppage in 20 years. They probably could have worked this out earlier in the summer and avoided losing any games much like the NFL did the year before. But I’d rather push that out of my mind and enjoy hockey rather than continue to be angry about it. I understand that others disagree with me. And I understand that some won’t come back this week, month, season, etc. and I won’t argue with them but this how I’m handling it. Let’s just hope there’s not another in ten (or eight) years.

Back to the Bruins. I think they have a good shot to make it out of the east again and perhaps grab the Cup back from the Kings. Jersey has weakened, the B’s physicality matches up well physically against Pittsburgh, and as long as Bryzgalov is in net in Philadelphia I’m not scared of the Flyers. That leaves the Rangers, who were great last year and have added the aforementioned Nash. Perhaps tonight will be a barometer on where the two teams are at. There really isn’t any time for teams to tweak their roster and develop.

Game on.

09-10 Champs Lucic 2


3 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. I’m glad we’re even getting a shortened season. Even though the Rangers are 0-2-0 right now, I’m happy to have games to watch. The Rangers need to get their chemistry going soon. I thought they were bad against Boston, and they were worse playing Pittsburgh.

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