Tall Boy Storage

Quick question for you, dear reader: What sheets do you use to store tall boy sets? I’m using Ultra Pros and I’m left with this:


I don’t like the large, empty space above each card. At all. A while ago, I found this photo on ebay for Fleer’s 1993-94 Power Play set which is the same size. There’s no extra space! Does anybody know the brand of sheets or where to purchase them?

4 thoughts on “Tall Boy Storage

  1. Ahhh that powerplay set….I remember those…

    I only own one vintage tall boy (in a toploader) and one powerplay card (in a too small penny sleave)…I guess I am no help for you, but good luck with your search!

  2. Looking at the two pictures, are you sure the cards in the sets are the same size? I mean, I assume the overall size of the 6-pocket pages are the same, so the pockets are probably the same size. Maybe the Power Play cards are just taller Tall Boys and fill out the pockets more.

    • I had thought that myself. I have a few Power Plays and double checked; they’re the same size.

      Looking closer, I can see that the sheets with the Power Play cards has a different hologram logo. I wish I could read it.

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