I Love it When a Page Comes Together

1994-95 Parkhurst Missing Link

My preferred method of storage is in sheets in binders. (Actually, I use old photo albums instead of industrial binders but that’s for another post.) The bulk of my collection–the junkiest of wax notwithstanding–either resides in one or is in the process of being moved. I really appreciate a great page; with good players, nice photography and, of course, all the cards facing the same direction. Nothing throws a page off than a horizontal card going against the grain of eight others.

Here we have a page from Parkhurst’s 1994-95 Missing Link, which is meant to be the missing 1956-57 set. (Parkhurst did another retro set of Tallboys that year to pick up where the company left off in 1964-65 and did another the next year for 1966-67.) It features the Milt Schmidt card I wrote about last month. I really wish the Bruins would use those yellow sweaters.

I’m going to start posting completed sheets on the regular; I always like it when others do. Are there any sets that look particularly good in the old 3×3 grid?


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