Batman #16 — The Penguin’s Trap

I thought that I’d post something in the spirit of Halloween, so here’s a card from Topps’s 1966 Batman set.  Apparently, Topps did a number of sets that year involving Batman, including one based on the eponymous film. (I’ve only seen a few minutes of the movies–the intro involving Robin using an anti-shark spray to save Robin–which, thankfully, appears in the set.) Comics were the reason why I eventually stopped collecting the first time around when I was younger, so it’s nice to come full circle and marry the two.

The images are bright and hand-painted; they remind me a lot of Mars Attacks! which came out around the same time. (A little bit of research just yielded that both sets were done by Norman Saunders.) It’s interesting to see they were done on canvases not much bigger than the cards. The backs, though bright and O-Pee-Chee-esque, are another story. Its prose is terrible and stiff, cornier than the TV show. In a way, though, it almost makes the card better.

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