Actual Hockey Sweaters

Milt is looking very Draper-esque.

Every girl I’ve ever dated used Etsy so I’ve been introduced and reintroduced to it a few times. It’s similar to ebay except it only sells vintage and handmade items and each listing is at a fixed price. I like to browse once in a while, not so much for cards (though they’re there and usually overpriced) but for other vintage hockey items.

Recently, I was looking around for old Bruins things when I found this, a listing for a vintage cardigan sweater, the exact same design from Milt Schmidt’s 1994-95 Parkhurst Tall Boys card. (I was also reminded of an older post about Milt and this very card over at Shoebox Legends.) It’s obvious that Milt likes the sweater as much as I do: he’s worn it to events in the not-so-distant-past.

The price is $1,600 which is a silly considering it’s on a site mostly for crafts and other sweaters have sold on vintage sports auction sites for around $180  (maybe if the seller threw in a same tie and pair of slacks Milt is wearing) but there’s a bunch of nice pictures, including a few closeups of the insignia, so it’s well worth the click.

One thing that always bothered me about this Parkhurst retro set is that they used the (then) contemporary logo of the Bruins with the ‘B’ and spokes outlined thinly in black. They didn’t use that until the mid-nineties and I wouldn’t mind never seeing it again–it conjures up too many bad memories of the undelivered promises of Joe Thornton, Sergei Samsonov, Andrew Raycroft, Kyle McLaren, et al.

The sweater makes an appearance on two cards that I don’t own: 1965-66 Topps and 1994-95 Parkhurst Missing Link. Note the Parkie uses the same logo again.

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