Frazer-Nash / Grand Touring Sports Coupe

This is only my second card from the 1961 Topps Sports Cars set. This one inverts the manufacturer/model listing from the Moretti I own but I guess it makes more sense this way. In a past post I compared the 2001-02 Topps Heritage Hockey set to Pop Art but I wish I hadn’t because these are definitely more Warhol-esque.

I don’t know much about British cars other than Jaguars are supposedly unreliable and I only know that because of an episode of Mad Men from last season. (Quick aside, Topps should totally do a Mad Men Heritage set, like how every hit show in the seventies and eighties had their own.) I’m mainly interested in this set because they’re tallboys. Topps produced a number of these back in the sixties and seventies and this is the only set that realistically fits in my budget.

  • 1961 Sports Cars
  • 1964-65 Hockey
  • 1965 Football
  • 1969-70 Basketball
  • 1970-71 Basketball

Are there other tallboy sets? I guess 1976-77 Basketball could qualify but its dimensions are different, they’re even larger.

4 thoughts on “Frazer-Nash / Grand Touring Sports Coupe

  1. Thanks, Shane! I grew up about an hour from Hartford but, sadly, I never made it to the Civic Center to see the Whalers. I don’t think my dad would have allowed me to root for any team except for the Bruins.

  2. I like these cars. Curious what else was in that set. I didn’t think either the football or the basketball was as pricey as the hockey, are they? The hockey is stupid that way.

  3. The 1969-70 basketball set has a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/then Lew Alcindor rookie which goes for a boatload. And if I’m not mistaken, it was the first time a company produce a basketball set in a while so there’s plenty of other rookies.

    I guess what it comes down to is I don’t really like basketball or the NBA so I can’t justify spending much money building a set. Even if they’re that cool looking.

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