1985 Donruss Pop-Ups

I had meant to do this post for the All-Star Game for obvious reasons but I never got around to it and these scans have been sitting on my computer ever since. I haven’t been collecting much baseball recently, the Red Sox are currently finishing up on their worst season since 1966. But since I’ve been virtually 100% hockey-centric recently and with the playoffs and World Series on the horizon, I figured it was time to get this post written.

I really like tallboys and these are virtually the same size when if they are not “popped-up”. The 1985 All-Star Game was at the Metrodome which, for better or worse, is featured predominately in the background. This set is totally grounded in the mid-eighties; aside from the Metrodome’s strange architecture there’s plenty of button-less uniforms, stirrups, and stretch belts. Two things I dislike about the background: the thick black bar where the card is supposed to be folded and that the upper deck is completely empty. (Not that the Metrodrome was often sold out.) Also, if you actually pop this one up, you’ll cut off half of poor George’s hands. Ouch. It’s sad to think that the Royals have not made the playoffs since this set was released.

The set is only 18 cards and features the starting lineup of both leagues. The National League started FIVE San Diego Padres. Five. An 83 win, fourth place team had five starting All-Stars.

I like the Morris card. It sort of foreshadows his heroics in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. Alas, Morris would lose this game as the Nation League won 6-1. I’m bored even typing about the actual game. I used to LOVE the All-Star Game but I don’t think I’ve watched more than an inning or two in ten years.

The backs are simple but I really like them.


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