Gordie and the Whale

Like many collectors, I have a soft spot for 1990-91 Pro Set. It’s not even out of nostalgia, I hated getting them when I was a kid. I mostly like this set due to the so-bad-it’s-good factor. Cards of trophies, coaches, referees, and even the puck; this set is a total mess. It’s currently sitting in a box in my closet but once I track down one of those giant binders advertised on the old wax packs, these bad boys are going into sheets.

One thing I earnestly like about ’90-91 Pro Set is their inclusion of legends in their Hall of Famer and Career Points Leader subsets. This means there are two Gordies and in both, he’s wearing a Whalers sweater. This was way before the Whalers logo became cool (they still had seven seasons left before they bolted for Carolina). I assume they did these for financial/licensing reasons but still: the card above is fantastic. The back, not so much. Though I do like the copy:

The first active grandfather!

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