2000-01 Topps Heritage Hockey

Obviously, Heritage has been a big baseball set since its inception in 2001 but Topps did produce hockey, basketball, and football sets back in the early-oughts before making it baseball exclusive. This is the first (or last, depending on how you’re reading this blog) entry on Topps’ three Heritage Hockey sets. The 2000-01 set is by far the worst of the three which is disappointing because it’s based on the iconic 1954-55 set. The main problem is that the photos are a little too hi-res. The soft, vintage look to the original photos are gone here.

It’s also the only of the three base sets I’ve yet to complete so many of these images are “borrowed”.

Another problem is the facsimile autograph. It’s also thinner and less prominent. The team logos seem too large as well. There’s also the problem of the Heritage logo. More on that later.

The penguin looks creepy here for some reason.

The worst part of this set is the scarcity of the SPs. They’re numbered to 1955. Which means that if you’re a set collector you’ll be shelling out a lot of cash for rookies of guys like this:

The backs are done well, though. I’m a sucker for any with a cartoon on it.

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