Mario Marios

Back in the old Adams Division, the Bruins and Nordiques would seemingly play each other dozens of times a year. I’m pretty sure watching these (along with the Canadiens games) on TV-38 in the late-eighties were my first exposure to a foreign language. Hearing the public address announcer read statements in English and French made it seem like they were on the other side of the planet. And I must have asked my dad why Fred Cusack (the Bruins play-by-play announcer) was saying “Patrick RUE-WAH” instead of “Patrick ROY” a hundred times. However, this guy was my favorite. Since it was the late-eighties, I was eight years old, I had a Nintendo, and played the first two Super Mario Bros. games incessantly, I thought Mario Marois was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. For a while, I misread his name as MARIO MARIOS, which caused me to laugh harder than I think I’ve ever had. This misreading went uncorrected far longer than I want to admit (ahem, last year.) For some reason, I remember Cusack pronouncing it this way, but I’m sure that’s a manufactured memory. I’m still going to blame it all on him, though.

Early today, I noticed this UER:

All images borrowed from the internet, as I’m far from my scanner.

Perhaps this card, obtained very early in my hockey card collecting days, was the genesis of it all? Probably not.

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