First Yard Sale Find of 2012

Because of eBay and other online resources, the number of deals at flea market and yard sales are dwindling. Most sellers are computer-savvy enough to look up cards on eBay, however, they often mistake  listing prices for actual sale prices. This is further complicated by the fact that items will sell at much higher prices on eBay where a listing can easily reach thousand of potential customers. At a flea market, the number of potential customers can be measured in dozens, if that.

Enough micro-economics.

I found a stack of cards in top loaders at a yard sale down the street last weekend. Most were 1972 Xograph All-Time Greats but at the bottom, in a screw down case was this.

There’s a ding on top above the ‘T” and it’s a little sun-faded but the corners are sharp and its well centered. Everyone’s familiar with Pudge but Cecil Cooper had a number of great years with the Sox and later, the Brewers. Garman was rather unspectacular.


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