Kimball Champions


Great mustache.

Topps reproduced these 1887 tobacco cards as a mini insert set in their 2011 flagship set. There’s a 150 in all, 50 from Series 1, 50 from Series 2, and 50 from Updates and Highlights or whatever they’re calling Traded sets now. They’re a little taller than your average Allen and Ginter mini, just enough so they poke out of the 20 count pages.

Most of the cards feature great throwback uniforms, particularly The Hawk in the old Expos spring training uniforms AND baby blue away on the left. Others include Dave Winfield in a Padres yellow and brown Burger King jersey, Mike Schmidt in Phillies maroon pinstripes, Reggie Jackson in a yellow A’s vest, and Paul Molitor in those Blue Jays uniforms with the eighties numbering that they just brought back.

I love the two picture design and Champion Base Ball batter/pitcher description on the cards.

I remember Dawson coming to the Red Sox when I was a kid. He hit his 400th home run at Fenway in April, then got injured a few games later. He was largely innefective in his two years here, during the dark days of the Butch Hobson Era. After the strike ended in 1995, he signed with the Marlins and played two more years before retiring.

I miss the Expos.


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