Presidents Day

I wasn’t aware of this until earlier this morning but today isn’t officially called Presidents Day. According to the National Archives:

The official title of Monday’s holiday has actually been “George Washington’s Birthday” since its establishment in 1879.

Never mind that this holiday hasn’t fallen on Washington’s actual birthday in nearly fifty years or that a certain 16th President also celebrates his big day this month.

As mentioned yesterday, these are from the ’09-’10 Champ’s set, my main collecting goal right now. Each president has his own card. However, the reason why these inserts are called Historical Figures is that there are Canadian Prime Ministers included. Looking through these a few weeks ago, I realized that in my entire nineteen year academic career, from kindergarten to grad school, I was never taught a single lesson on Canadian history. Thanks Upper Deck, for picking up where the American public school system and three private universities left off.

Bonus fun fact: According to the back of the card, George Washington was elected unanimously by the Electoral College in 1788 and 1792. He ran unopposed.

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