Natural History Collection

I decided to take the plunge and start putting together the ’08-’09 Champ’s set as well. I found a lot of 29 Natural History cards on eBay at a decent price and figured it was time. Overall, I think I actually prefer this design to the other. The base cards are a push; I like the clean, simple design of the first set and the colorful frame and Photoshopped wooded backgrounds on the latter. But the inserts here are nicer. I’ve already written about the Mini Rookies looking MUCH better and ditto these. The gold borders and olive motif on the ’09-10 set is bland and and look less authentic.

The checklist is also friendlier. I appreciate the ratio of 200:280 base cards to mini ratio instead of the 100:480 so, coupled with the 100 less cards, it’ll (hopefully) be a little bit easier to complete. Sadly, no presidents or prime ministers this time around. It’s too bad Upper Deck didn’t do something with the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Including Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks would have been neat.

One of my irrational pet peeves is horizontal cards. Sure they look great individually but in a binder… not so much. I like to have everything going the same way.

This Wolverine card is seriously awesome though.

So far, no centering issues, which the ’09-’10 suffers from greatly. Sadly, no Whalers or Nordiques here either. I’m going to a card show in a couple of weeks, so hopefully I’m able to put more of a dent into this set.


2 thoughts on “Natural History Collection

  1. I just saw the trade post on The Hopeful Chase and have a ton of Champ’s doubles from both years. I’ll shoot you an email to let you know what I have and we can work something out. I’m more than happy to get rid of my doubles.

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