The Little Ball of Hate

One thing I don’t like about this Champ’s set is the design of the Mini Rookie cards. The gold border throws off the whole aesthetic, making it look a lot closer to late-20th century than early. The 2008-09 Mini Rookies got it right (perhaps after finishing this set I’ll move on to those…) looking much more like old tobacco cards. Plus, there’s WAY too many–96 in total. More on that in a bit.

But first, Marchand.

I realize he’s the kind of player you’d hate if he played on any other team besides the one you root for (or if he wasn’t in the NHL and you ran into him at a bar). I’m sure the guy is a total douche. But if you told me at the beginning of last season that the 5′ 9″ guy who managed a single, measly assist the year before would score eleven playoff goals, including two in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I would have laughed. So from the standpoint of a B’s fan, you love the guy. Playoff heroics like that are unforgettable, ESPECIALLY after catastrophic Super Bowl losses.

Another complaint I have about this subset is that there’s a lot of undesirables, cards of guys already overseas, out of pro hockey completely, or buried somewhere in the AHL. Aside from Marchand, there’s Antti Niemi, Matt Dushene, Evander Kane (though in a gross Thrashers jersey) and maybe a few others. And of course, probably the best card in the set:

Whenever I see this Tavares card I think of Dennis Duffy.

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