Sports Coupe Italy / Moretti

I originally bought this on ebay as a birthday gift for my dad but once it arrived in the mail, I knew I could never let it go.

It’s part of the 1961 Topps Sport Cars set. There’s only 66 cards and a bunch of license plate stickers but they’re tallboys and feature a great, simple design. I can’t think of another set of horizontal tallboys but it fits great with the dimensions of a car. I love the single color background, the white border, and the slash between the country the car is from and its name. And the copy is wonderfully awkward and uses the oxford comma. “It is quite small, and very expensive for its size.” As with most Topps sets from the sixties, there’s a single panel comic on the back. They’re never funny but they add to the cards’ overall charm.

See the rest below.

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